i’m changing my aesthetic to thin greying pastel anti-religion man with glasses

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If I introduce a movie to you, and we watch it together, I’ll be spending at least 99.9% of the time watching you to make sure you are responding correctly to the film.

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homework to do: hella

homework i’ve done: negative hella

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million dollar idea: instead of spending thousands of dollars on steady-cam equipment, filmmakers should just attach a camera to the head of a chicken and carry the chicken around as you film.




They actually did that.

no. omg


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Science simplified.


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out of all the food that you can cook, why did cookies, which u bake, get the name cookie…who made that decision

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Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch as Uni flatmates.

Is this real?


And Andrew Scott (x)

Reblogging this every time

this is AMAZING. 




And Then You’ve got the Neighbors:


No uni’s complete without the professors ;)

I will make this happen before I (or they) die.

I second that motion.

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Labelling the animal products in the corpse aisles. Stickers by Evolve Campaigns. You can get them sent to you or download and print off yourself for free. See here for info: www.tiny.cc/bgvj9w

Yo, while I fully advocate the fact that you’re allowed to do what you want to do and believe what you want to do, this is kind of unnecessary?

There are a lot of ways to make more helpful changes when it comes to the rights of animals, placing stickers which only INCONVENIENCES the workers who are already underpaid because they have to REMOVE them. They don’t get paid enough to do their jobs as it is, and you’re just making it harder. And you know if they can’t remove them the product just gets thrown out because they can’t sell something like that to the public. Basic marketing is to never guilt your customers, y’know???

Plus, I guarantee you, as a red-blooded carnivore, I do not give a fuck what some sticker on a Saintsbury’s bacon packaging is trying to guilt me to do. I want my g-dang bacon bits and I want them now.

There are plenty of organizations, NGOs and civil societies you can join and actually work with to better realize the rights of animals, but making a worker’s job harder and attempting to guilt people through a wee sticker is a laughable attempt at activism.

I love how it’s always BABY ANIMALS

Yeah son everyone knows the best way to make a pork steak is to slaughter 10 baby pigs and mash all that meat together for sure

That aside, if you think any food you eat is innocent, you’re wrong.  Unless you’re growing all of your own fruits and veggies and nuts in your own backyard, you’re supporting the abuse of someone or something at some level.  We bemoan the chicks and baby ducks and piglets that get slaughtered, but do we ever think about the animals who lose their lives to harvesters or turbines?  How about the fact that just planting fields of crops for our veggies takes away another animal’s environment?

If you’re buying imported food (that would be most if not all of your non-regional or seasonal crops), do you know where it came from?  What about the conditions in the farms for the human workers?  How much were they paid?  What sort of hours did they work? 

You can feel like a big, smug woman slapping stickers onto meat packages, but you’re doing nothing.  You are literally doing the opposite of activism.  REAL activism is hard work and takes time.  It means having achievable goals and steady methods.  ”No one should ever eat meat again because it’s horrible” is not a realistic goal.  I could give you a million reasons why (meat is a protein many people rely on, meat is, religiously and culturally, a staple of many diets, meat tastes good), but we’d be here forever.  

Instead, I think we should focus on changing the method in which animals are kept, raised, and slaughtered.  You might argue that there is no way to humanely slaughter anything, but that’s neither here nor there.  Animals are slaughtered, and animals will never stop being slaughtered, and that’s the reality we face.  As an omnivore myself, I would gladly pay an extra few dollars for meat knowing the animal was treated well when it was alive and died with dignity.  THAT is an achievable goal.

Lastly, shame on you.  Honestly.  The only people these stickers are going to effect are going to be the workers who have to peel them off, because (and I speak from experience, here) people who buy meat already know where it comes from.  You’re not enlightening them or telling them anything they didn’t already know. We’re not five years old. We know how our meat got on our table.

Bottom line:  I suspect you get angry when people harass you for being vegan.  Show omnivores the same respect, and stop harassing us in return.  Respect goes both ways, compadre. 

Agreeing with the above statement about how useless the above-pictured “activism” actually is. And to add some fact to the point made above me about no food being “innocent” please refer to this article on the Huffington Post about how the “health food enthusiast”-fuled Quinoa boom is flat-out destroying the economy and environment of Bolivia.

Double vote for the Quinoa article. I did some research after reading it a long time ago, and I have never bought another Quinoa product. I still have some in my pantry from the last time I bought it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. I’m never buying quinoa again.

If ANYONE ever tells me that a vegan diet is cruelty-free, I will lose my goddamn mind. It is excessively cruel to people.

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Mille, the Norwegian Forest Cat | Jane Bjerkli

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